HomerNievera.com | Business Students Guide – Complete Rules for Accurate Sig Fig Calculation | The rules for mathematics are all about to apply the logic execute the calculation process and used the basic concepts. When it comes to significant figures calculations, there are specific logics or principles that you have to follow. To exactly know about the correct number of significant figures in a number, you should have to know the rules & regulations that are applied. In this matter, the online sig fig counter helps you a lot to determine the significant digits in the number and displays the number in scientific notation & e-notation. 

There are some basic rules through which you can easily count the significant numbers. If you do not understand these some rules, it would be hard for you to determine the correct answer. The students & professionals who are studying mathematics must have to clear about these rules so that they are able to give the correct answers in assignments and do the research projects. Also, you can use online sig fig calculator which is the best way to turn any number with your desire amount of significant numbers. 

Rules for Accurate Sig Fig Calculation

Every concept of Mathematics has some rule & regulations at which it is based and helpful in its calculation. Have a look at some rules:

All the non-zero digits are significant:

It is one of the important and easy rules to count the number of significant numbers. According to this, all the numbers that are not zero will be the significant. Let’s have an example to clear this rule. 

Consider that you have to find the significant numbers in “280602”. First of all, you have to look at each digit in the number. The digits in this number are ‘2’, ‘8’, ‘0’, ‘6’, ‘0’ and ‘2’. Then look at all the digits that except two zeroes all the digits are non-zero. So, by using this rule it can be said that there are 4 significant figures in this number. When you have numbers in which all the digits are non-zero, it is not difficult for you to find the significant numbers. As all the digits are positive and above the zero, each digit falls in the category of significant numbers. But when you find the sig fig digits for the numbers where you have some zeroes in the number, then simply try online significant figures calculator that count the sig fig digits in the number.

Any zero between two non-zero digits are significant:

When we talk about the second rule, the students and professionals are hoping to have more understanding. To determine the zero as significant or not, many gets confused. If you don’t have the strong command on significant rules, it would be very difficult for you to determine the correct answer. So, come to the point, the second rule is that “if the zero is between the two non-zero digits is considered as significant number”. The online sig fig calculator considers all the rules for significant numbers to figure out the number into any new number with your desire amount of significant digits.

Here we go through an example for the better understanding. Let’s you have the numbers “8407” & “46.05”. If you look at both of these numbers, you would notice that there is a zero between the two significant figures. The first number is whole & the other is decimal number. In both the numbers, the 0 is between the two significant figures. So, the zeros in these digits both are significant. In both cases, there are 4 significant figures. Generally, the students get complexity in solving this rule. For example, when they are going through the digits like 458040, 8442500 and 4860350, they get confused. 

If you have the number 458040, there are 5 sig figs not 6. The first zero is significant because it is between the two non-zero digits. However, the last zero has 4 on the left side but not have any significant figure in the right, that’s why it is not counted as significant figure. To avoid from errors and complexity, you should have to know about these rules and utilize the online significant figures calculator that also works as a sig figs counter that count the sig figs in the number.  

In a decimal number, the zeros on the right of significant number are significant:

Most of the people find it hard or complex to understand this rule. The numbers that are appearing after the significant figures in the decimal number are called trailing zeros. These zeros are considered as significant. While the zeros appeared before the sig figs are not the trailing zero, so they are also not the significant figure. The online significant calculator uses the same rules & regulations for sig figs to provide you the precise and accurate measurements for your significant figures measurements. For more understanding, ahead to an example:

Let’s have the number 0.00014700

Have a deep look at this number; you realize that there are three zeros before the first non-zero digit i.e. 1 and two zeros after the last non-zero digit i.e. 7. According to this rule, the first three zeros after the decimal point are before the significant numbers not after, so they would not be counted as significant. However, the last two zeros that are appearing after the 7 are the trailing zeros and considered as significant.


If you worried about getting the significant figures without any mistake and consider it as a complex task. Quit worrying, simply understand the above-mentioned sig figs rules and for more convenience, try the accurate sig fig calculator online that helps you to determine the significant digits in any number you want. Typically, people who understand the basic rules don’t face any problems in their sig fig calculations. The complexity & confusion is only created when you don’t have the proper understanding about the rules & regulations of significant figures.

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