A master guide in mobile and digital ad units and specs

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Investing in a well-packaged digital ad unit can be a very effective tool for any company. According to Homer Nievera, CEO at Heartshaper Asia, “Investment in digital ads is more cost-effective than traditional advertising based on the performance metrics and smaller amounts needed to target specific audiences.”

Digital ad units usually takes the form of mobile and web to accommodate the ads in the said platforms.

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Go Paperless in PR with Digital Press Kits

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As companies put up with technology, many are going paperless. Even promotional materials such as press kits have gone digital. Much like the traditional press kits in paper form, a digital press kit (DPK) is a pre-packaged promotional material about a person, event, product, or service for publicity purposes—only this time, it’s electronic. Recipients are members of the media, including bloggers. For artists, celebrities and personalities—and modern-day businesses—the DPK is their professional resume.

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3 ways your HR department can positively impact the company bottomline

by Homerun Nievera | via HomerNievera.com |

Growing companies, especially those coming from SME status find it hard to rationalize the important role of Human Resources, more so, an HR department.

But companies such as call centers and others in the business process outsourcing industry see HR as a vital cog in the organization. The question remains — does HR have a positive impact on a company’s bottomline?

A good place to start looking for answers looking into the role of the Human Resource department in coordinating a plan that to increase productivity and also increase job satisfaction. It is a fact that by maximizing job satisfaction, turnover of employees is minimized. In some BPOs, for example, turnovers of as high as eighty percent can be experienced.

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Is the end of EndO really forthcoming during the Duterte Administration?

By Homerun Nievera | homernievera.com |

Monica, a fresh college graduate from Pangasinan, has just started working for a month at a shoe factory in Marikina. By her fourth month, she will start scouting the Internet for another job probably in a different company. She knows that her current gig is only good for five months.

This is the life of millions of Filipino minimum wage workers. They’re lucky if they are even paid the minimum wage and luckier if the company pays for their SSS (social security).

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