My goal as a Keynote and Resource Speaker in the Philippines is to inspire and empower.

As a keynote and resource speaker, my goal is to both share my knowledge, communicate best practices and empower my audience. My main training and learning modules center on digital transformation and growth hacking in the Philippines and global setting.

I have been an inspirationalist and motivational speaker for more than 20 years, and have spoken on various topics, such as:

  • The Art of the Start: Success Principles in Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Future-Proofing Your Business through Digital Transformation & Growth Hacking
  • Digital Marketing 101 for C-Levels
  • Mentorship for Managers
  • Content is King, Customer is Queen: How Content Marketing and Customer Centricity Can Amp Your Business
  • Social Media Marketing Success for the Small Business (Workshop)
  • Social Media for Frontliners: Harnessing your whole organization in social media tactics
  • Crisis Social Media Management 101
  • The Bootstrapped Startup: How Keeping It Lean Means More Profits
  • Effective Digital Strategies for Food & Retail Businesses
  • How to Be a Sales Superstar
  • Transitioning from Executive to Entrepreneur
  • How to be The Millionaire Next Door
  • Fundraising for Causes in the Digital Age
  • Building Servant Leaders in Non-Profit Organizations
  • Social Media for Evangelization
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