I have always bee fascinated with cryptocurrency and now — ICO — since I was managed a tech company in 2013. I was able to buy a few Bitcoins at that time and yes, the investment paid off.

As I want more people to discover this new way of looking money, when I went into digital media full time, I searched, curated, and wrote a number of posts on the subject. Before I knew it, three of my main business blogs were carrying several articles on cryptocurrency, ICO, trading and networks.

These blogs now serve the cryptocurrency world with content on all sorts of categories and topics: Negosentro.com, WorldExecutivesDigest.com and ExecutiveChronicles.com.

At the onset, I didn’t know if these types of topics will generate interest. So, when the Bitcoin (and Ethereum) hit record high numbers in late 2017, I knew then that content will just present itself on my blogs’ doorsteps. And they did. Most especially when more ICO trends were happening globally.

So why do the above blogs like to accept cryptocurrency and ICO posts? Not just they’re popular these days, but simply because they’re most likely to stay.

Need to know what’s Cryptocurrency, huh? Here’s a video:

Need to know what’s an ICO, huh? Here’s a video:

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