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Serial technopreneur and startup expert Homer Nievera wants to mentor the next Filipino Zuckerbergs and Gates.

In a radio guesting recently over DZRJ-AM Manila, Nievera emphasized the need for solid and integrated programs for the Filipino youth in terms pushing them to take up technology entrepreneurship.

Interviewed by The New Bandidos radio program anchors Pia Morato and Xavy Padilla, Nievera highlighted the fact that Filipinos are known globally not only for their role in pushing social media, but more importantly in powering tech companies especially in the U.S. where many Pinoys work as software developers in Silicon Valley. Having worked as a global executive of companies such as Friendster and Multiply, Nievera moved on to be a co-founder of U.S.-based tech enterprise Bazinga. He sold his shares in early 2014 to setup venture development firms Bootstrap Ventures and Red Bus Digital in the Philippines.

Nievera is co-founder and CEO of content marketing solutions startup Heartshaper Asia and the Chief Strategist of technology firm Marketboost — two joint venture companies with the United Neon Group early this year.

We want to find the next Pinoy founders of game-changing technologies and mentor them, said Nievera.

He added that Filipinos are known worldwide for their various entertainment talents but are also globally recognized as technologically advanced. Helping them upgrade their management and entrepreneurial skills and turning them into world-class technopreneurs is the next valuable step.

This way, we can easily compete in the world economic stage as this time, technology is our greatest leverage, added Nievera.

As a speaker on startups and digipreneurship, Nievera is currently doing the rounds of events as he pushed his advocacy on building better technopreneurship programs for the youth.

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