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Content is king.

This is what content marketing guru, Homer Nievera, emphasized in his talk during Adamson University’s Comm Week recently.

He was spot on.

Today’s connected world has more than enough reason to adopt content marketing principles given the rising importance of integrated marketing communications in the digital space. The concept of a 360-degree digital marketing campaign, Nievera said, now centers on the role of content in the mix.

Nievera has brought into light the need for compelling stories that target specific niche audiences. His brief but meaty lecture on content marketing was mixed with live examples and Q&As wherein the student audience actively participated in.

As communication students, Nievera said that it was not enough to look into social media strategies as the said medium is simply tasked to carry the message. The message itself and its various formats such as images, videos and articles should be prioritized in their strategic planning activities. He further gave the audience a glimpse of success rates on articles and blog posts which both carried a 39% success rate, while images and videos had 19% success in content marketing campaigns.

His company, Heartshaper Asia, is said to be the first and only content marketing solutions company in the Philippines. Early this year, they launched a suite of so called blogazines — magazine-styled blogs — to trailblaze the country’s content marketing space. This is complemented by their sister company’s (Marketboost’s) augmented reality and mobile social commerce platforms which Nievera said creates the needed 360-degree ROI that digital marketers look for in campaigns.

Nievera closed his talk by challenging Adamson University’s communication students to be up-to-date with digital marketing trends and seriously consider careers in the digital media.

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