Customized Stationery Items Every New Business Should Have |  Once you have made your new business official, it’s important to stamp your name on all your stationery items right away. This is one of the top strategies for developing brand familiarity and credibility.

Most startups do not deem this necessary until the business has lifted off. However, according to seasoned business folks, that is a wrong mindset. If you want to establish credibility, be ready to build a collection of customized stationery for your business right away.

For this, you need a reputable printing company. The best printing companies do not only stamp your brand and logo onto the various office supplies you order, but they can also help make your brand stand out. You can discuss different designs with them and also leverage their experience in creating unique stationery items that reflect what your business stands for.

If you need a guide on the different customized stationery items your business needs, a list of the most important ones is provided below.

1. Business cards

Business cards are perhaps the most important out of all startup stationery items. The reason is that when you’re trying to build beneficial connections for your startup, business cards are what you hand out. They are handy, convenient, and are packed with essential information about your business.

Although these are primarily designed to provide other people or businesses your contact details, they can help make a good impression as well. This is why it’s crucial to come up with a unique design for your business card. Use high-quality paper, format your information beautifully, and be judicious with the use of various style elements such as the image, logo, typeface, and font size.

2. Invoice book

A customized invoice book is another way to establish the credibility of your business. It’s like your way of telling customers that you are not afraid of creating a paper trail that is unmistakably from your business because you have legal operations.

Therefore, make sure you invest in invoice book printing. Dubai printers also point out that with a customized invoice, you can include a few more elements to the design to further reinforce your brand. For instance, a recycled paper company would use brown recycled paper and maroon ink for its invoice. This way, even if people do not see the details on the invoice, they can tell right away what business it is coming from.

3. Letterhead

Letterheads are always used for correspondence, which most businesses have a lot of. These are used for sponsorship letters, official requests, statements of account, and so much more. 

And to make your corporate correspondence look even more official, pair letterheads with custom envelopes.

4. Stickers

Do invest in sticker printing, Dubai startup specialists advise. You can be sure that your business will be getting a lot of use out of customized stickers as these are a versatile stationery item. You can stick them on practically any of your office supplies. 

Likewise, if you sell products, you can use stickers to seal the different kinds of packaging you use.

5. Folders

Organization is a must for all business operations. It’s always better if the folders you use for organizing documents and marketing paraphernalia have a uniform appearance. 

Customization will easily distinguish them from all the documents that are not produced by your company. At the same time, they will look much nicer lined up in open cabinets and shelves. You can also use these for business meetings and presentations for clients as they help create a favorable impression and a sense of professionalism.

6. Notepads

As small as they are, notepads are highly functional, valuable stationery to any business. They reinforce brand continuity and make for great freebies for corporate clients.

Customized notepads may not be considered must-haves like folders. However, they are always nice to have for a business. If you think about it, notepads can help have an impressive and favorable impact on outsiders when your employees only use your company’s branded stationery. They look more professional, credible, and reliable, too.

7. Leaflets and flyers

These pieces of marketing paraphernalia are absolute musts for all new businesses, and you need to have a lot of them printed out. These are some of the most cost-effective marketing tools to invest in.

You can hand them out to introduce your company, your products, and services, spread the word about great deals or promotions, and increase brand awareness. Or you can put them on display for people to easily grab and go if they’re interested to know more about your products and/or services.

Essential corporate stationery

All of these stationery items are essential for business, even if the trend these days is to go paperless. Think about it, people will still have to print invoices to serve as evidence of transactions, especially when they get their taxes done. So, it makes sense for your business to provide customers with a paper invoice for every transaction. 

These are irreplaceable when it comes to convenience and actual value. They can also do so much not only in streamlining your operations but also in generating sales and establishing a positive reputation for your company in the industry.

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