A modern business person needs to work at 120% of their capacity at all times to attain superior productivity. There are always competitors to worry about and other more pressing matters to attend to. No one can accomplish all of this at the same time, but luckily there are gadgets to make things easier.

These gadgets don’t need to be expensive or particularly modern but they do need to fit into your workflow and your daily task organization. Here are a few items that any business would benefit from.

Smart locks

Security is one of the most important concerns for any business owner, especially for those who work from home. Traditional locks are useful and there’s a reason they’ve been around for this long, but they require you to carry a set of keys or a card with you at all time. Luckily, there’s a better solution – smart locks. They allow you to unlock the door using your phone, and there’s also the option of locking it remotely and installing a camera to help you keep track of the property.

Smart pen

There are countless ways to take notes these days, but the best one still remains simply putting pen to paper. It’s pretty fast and fast and easy to do, however, it’s tricky to go over these notes later on and to have others waste time as they try to decipher your handwriting.

This is where smart pens come in handy. They look and feel like ordinary pens, but they also make a digital copy of your notes. This lets you simply jot down your thoughts while allowing you to use the advantages of modern technology.

Noise canceling headphones

Day to day office work requires you to be a part of a team and to be surrounded with people, and sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the task in front of you with so much chatter around. High-quality headphones such as the ones from Focal Utopia allow you to work without interruptions, but still be around your colleagues. It’s not just about good sound quality either –  this piece of equipment should feel comfortable enough to wear all day so you can go about your tasks without having to constantly readjust the headset.

Pocket printer

Most devices we use these days are mobile and can be kept in your pocket. This is true for your communication station, your computer and your personal and banking data, and it should be true for your printer as well. It can be done with pocket printers that are connected to the computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and that can print out anything you need while still being small enough to fit in your pocket.

The printers move on a paper and leave a print. They can print in all directions and recreate photos as well, and they’re worth the money if you travel a lot and you can’t get access to a regular printer.


There’s a countless number of small devices that you can add to your office or daily life to make your day-to-day tasks easier. While none of these are a replacement for hard work, they are still very helpful in the office.

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