Homerun Nievera | These days, it’s hard to find credible blogs with high domain authority that will accept “real” guest posts and sponsored posts in one network. This means that you only get to talk to just one person to submit your various content (usually for only one website or company).

I’m glad to write for one of those blogs — Negosentro.com. But guess what? Negosentro is now part of a multi-blog network that serves various niches or categories. These blogs are managed or marketed under the Mediablast Digital banner. This makes it easier for content marketers and SEO companies to submit or place their content as they only need to submit practically all of them in one email. Mediablast’s commercial content officer goes by the name of Rover Jones. Albeit being a very busy guy, he is able to juggle work across the sites. But you’ll have to wait for the postings or sometimes send a quick followup email as Mr. Jones is not fond of replying to each and every email — unless your submission is rejected.

Here is the list of those top ranked blogs:

Negosentro.com (DA: 46) – Business, entrepreneurship, tech, property & construction, health
VigorBuddy.com (DA: 34): Health and wellness
FoodFindsAsia.com (DA: 32) – Food, dining, entertainment, travel, leisure
PropertyFindsAsia.com (DA: 30) – Real estate, properties, construction
ExecutiveChronicles.com (DA: 27) – Business, entrepreneurship, tech, property & construction, health
WorldExecutivesDigest.com (DA: 25) – Business, entrep, tech, property & construction, health
GoGaGaH.com (DA: 25) – Tech, gadgets, hobbies, entertainment
HeSaidSheSaidPH.com (DA: 23): Life, lifestyle, women, relationships, dating, poetry
HomerNievera.com (DA: 21) – Startups, business, tech
Fotograpiya.com (DA: 20) – Photography, video, tech, gadgets, media
AsianFoodTourist.com (DA: 18) – Food, dining, entertainment, travel, leisure
PinoyTrekker.com (DA: 16) – Travel and lifestyle
Edusentro.com (DA: 17) – Education, distance learning, LMS
Yomanila.com (DA: 13) – Entertainment, Lifestyle, Leisure, Food, Dating, Tech
GetHealthAccess.com (DA: 9) – Health, Fitness

Oh, and did you notice that I included this blog in the network?  I was happily surprised of my domain authority ranking of 21! Not bad at all, huh?

To get in touch with Rover Jones, just email the dude at email@negosentro.com.

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