HomerNievera.com6 Tips to Redecorate Your Dull Bedroom Into A Sleep Wonderland | Are you bored of your dull bedroom? Then it’s about time you think of redecorating and we have a list of the best tips to help you turn your bedroom into a work of art. Our bedroom is without a doubt the most personal space in your home. It’s where you recharge, wind down and reflect on your day so you should pay attention to detail when choosing the right color palette and furnishings. Whether you live for a minimalist approach or a room filled with colors, we’ve listed innovative tips and decorating tricks that will make transforming your bedroom an easy task. 

Decide how much time and money you want to spend.

Before you can start with the whole decorating and buying process, it is important to plan around your budget and the time you have. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to cut some corners. You could always repaint or refinish your old furniture instead of throwing them out and buying new ones, decorating your room a little a time instead of the entire room at one attempt won’t break the bank. 

Tip #1 – Keep It Simple

A bedroom should look simple and cozy, elegant and not overly decorated, regardless of what style you plan to go for. Furnish your bedroom with necessities only such as your bed, a side table, a dresser and a chair, and a wardrobe. Accessories should be kept at a minimum, decorate your room with a beautiful piece of artwork, arrange some framed photographs, some scented candles and some flowers in a vase can make your room aesthetically pleasing. Always leave some room between the bed and the side walls for ease of movement, this applies for the other furniture as well. Overcrowding the room will lead to unnecessary clutter and will make your room look unkempt. 

Tip #2 – Choose Colors That Are Subtle

This works for both the walls of your bedroom and also the color of the furniture you choose, color coordination is key to making the room look extravagantly well put together. Instead of choosing colors that are bold, choose soothing shades and a good amount of monochromatic tones. Color theories should be kept in mind such as hues of lavender, blue or green displays serenity. Colors like toasty browns, deep reds or topaz help set the mood of comfort and coziness. Use toned-down versions of your favorite colors instead of vibrant shades. If you are planning on repainting your bedroom walls green, choose a shade of mint rather than an emerald shade.

Tip #3 – Never Overlook The Ceiling 

Overlooking the ceiling, leaving it bland and empty will give your bedroom an incomplete feel. Paint the celling with a soft color, a slightly softer version as compared to the color of your walls or add a subtle pattern. This will visually lower your ceiling and give the bedroom a comfort of intimacy and comfort. If you want to take it up a notch, silver-leafed bedroom ceilings, a canopy or tented bed with a dressing that hangs from the ceiling can envelop you in sensuality and warmth whilst adding design, color and texture to the ceiling. Pay attention to the lights that you choose to install, a modern chandelier will really sophisticate the look of your bedroom. 

Tip #4 – Indulge In Luxe Linens And Pile On The Pillows

Beautiful linens will add comfort and luxury to your bedroom, get a good quality bed spread and matching pillow covers. Avoid buying sheets that are less than a hundred percent cotton or linen. To really get your sheets to feel like they came from a 5-star hotel, send them to the dry cleaner and get them professionally washed and pressed. Amp up your bedroom by adding sensual feeling fabrics such as a silk bed canopy or hang silk drapes. Piling on a bunch of pillows on your bed can make your room look super luxurious, cozy and inviting, what an amazing treat it’ll be to come home after a hard day of work and lay on a comfy sea of pillows. It can also be a way of adding a pop of color to your dull bedroom, there is no such thing of too many pillows.

Tip #5 – Think About Several Lighting Options  

You need to consider what type of lighting you would like to decorate your room with, ambient lighting light up the whole room, small lamps focuses light for reading and other activities while accent light helps to wash the walls in soft illumination. Opt for dimmable lights to give the bedroom a relaxing glow whenever you desire. Get yourself an elegant bedside lamp with a moveable arm if you’re an avid reader.

Tip #6 – Storage 

Store things out of sight to really give your bedroom a feeling of serenity and tidiness. Install a headboard with built in shelves or sliding panels for you to store books and other accessories that will be easy for you to reach for once you’ve settled into your bed. Place a storage bench or a trunk at the end of your bed to store extra pillows, blankets and sheets. When selecting a side table, choose one that comes with drawers or doors behind which will allow you hide books, skincare products and other accessories within reach. Place shallow boxes underneath the bed and hide them with a beautiful bed skirt to keep them out of sight.

Turn your bedroom into a real gateway 

There are many points to consider before you can even begin redecorating your bedroom. Having a proper plan to work is always a great idea and the first step into redecoration, planning beforehand will also keep you on track. Try to discipline yourself by keeping your cellphone, laptop, and television out of the bedroom as this will create a cherished place to relax and renew. You’ll love having a room dedicated to reading, sleeping and romance. Use these tips as a guide and turn your boring old room into something fresh and new.

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