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Don’t quit now. Finish the race. Be that great successful person you are destined to be.

According to Napoleon Hill, most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. If you have had your missteps and stumbles lately, you are just a door away from your biggest opportunity.

Be able to discern and decide quickly.

How many times have you been at a crossroads? What has been your response?

There are those who use their instinct, while others ‘call a friend’ when they are faced with question that needs a major decision. But what does it really take to arrive at a major decision in life?

There are more questions than answers that we all face as we go through this journey called life. We have to learn how to discern. That is key to making a wise and sound decision.

In my case, I pray for wisdom and discernment. I do this daily as each day presents a different scenario.

We need to decide on what paths to take everyday. We simply cannot do it on our own. We need God’s wisdom to guide us.


Yes, our own experience and that of others will help. But remember that each human being has a unique road to traverse. Nothing is exactly similar. Only God knows, right?

Be willing to take risks.

These are exciting times. Going forward and not exactly knowing where your road will lead you is better than staying where you are at, or worse, going back to your comfort zone.

Failure is learning. Taking calculated risks are better than doing nothing. In fact, you have already failed when you decided to stand still and not move forward.

Thomas Edison, the scientist who invented the light bulb said he has learned a thousand more things than he should have had when he broke that number of light bulbs to arrive at the right one.


What is there to lose? By not taking forward steps and trusting on faith, you will arrive at nothing. There is no destiny if you have not deciced on your destination. Your future is in your hands, and not on anybody else’s.

Baby steps are far more better than not taking any at all.

Today, challenge yourself. Take that leap of faith. You’ll get results for sure.

Take it one day at a time.

The only thing that is true in your is when you wake up to a brand new day. That is the only thing you really have — one day.

Have you had a bad day? I’m sure you have. But did it turn out to be a bad life so far? I don’t think so. It’s because you can change that day into another one by simply waking up the next day. Whatever you make out of that new day and the next days will determine what kind of life you’ll have.

Let’s face it. You can’t control your future by just planning for it. You can only change tomorrow by doing whatever right is needed today. That is practical and logical advice.


You can only control certain situations in your life.

Your future will be based on today’s actions and no one knows what tomorrow brings. Only God knows, right? One piece of spiritual advice: pray daily and nightly. This way, you’ll be guided on your actions everyday. At night, thank God for the day’s guidance and protection and ask for another day.

I always say that you will get everything that you deserve and pray for in life. But not all at the same time.


It’s time you focused on what’s immediately doable whatever situation you are in. Look at the more positive things in life and move forward in hope that you will be successfully-fulfilled and victorious. In God’s time, you will. Trust. Believe. Surrender.

May you be blessed and bless others in the process!

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