HomerNievera.comReasons for Blocked Drains At Your Place | Are you wondering what could be the probable reason for blocked drains at your place? There can be many reasons for the same. Often the smallest of mistakes result in blockage of drains, and it can turn out to be troublesome. To overcome this problem, it’s important that you must indulge in regular cleaning of the drains, and if the problem persists, then you must connect a plumber. In this blog, we will be unfolding certain reasons behind blocked drains. 

Five Top Reasons For Blocked Drains-

Despite being cautious, there are several reasons which can lead to blocked drains, and hence, we will be enumerating a few of them so that you can keep a check on all of them.

1. Hair strands– One of the most common reasons for blocked drains is the hair strand. These might appear small, but the wreck that they can create is unimaginable. These strands can easily be penetrated down the drain and start accumulating. When they get mixed with soap water or dirt or greasy particles, it forms lumps, thus leading to blocked drains. Hence, you must clean your drains occasionally and you can call a plumber in this regard. Even, you can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar in your drains to clear these clogged areas.  

2. Food leftovers– Another common factor is contributing to blocked drains are the food leftovers. Often we ignore this fact and keep the plates in the sink without discarding the food leftovers in the bin. This might lead to a problem, as these food particles start depositing in the drain, and when they get mixed with dirt and oil, they start forming a lump. Hence, it always advisable that one should always keep the sink free from the food particles. Also, flushing hot water along with baking soda is useful in clearing the sink.

3. Mineral buildup– You cannot prevent mineral buildup. Once the pipe starts getting old, it may get corroded, and this can lead to erosion. Over a period of time, it can lead to mineral-buildup, which again becomes a hindrance in the flow of water, thus causing blocked drains. In this case, you can hire a plumber to replace such damaged pipelines. 

4. Root penetration- If you are wondering how could plants and trees of your yard lead to a blocked drain, then you must know that the roots of these plants penetrate deep down the earth, and sometimes, it may even go down to damage the drainage pipe leading to a blocked drain. 

5. Old pipes– Sometimes, the drainage pipes may become old, and it might crack or break, it might result in penetration of particles, dust that can lead to a buildup of lumps in the drainage pipe. It will lead to a blocked drain. This can be really troublesome, and you would need the help of a plumber for the relining of the pipe. They can reline your old pipelines with PVC materials and save your cost. 

What’s next?

Your next move should be hiring a professional plumber who can help you with this. These are expert professionals who know how to fix plumbing issues. Ignoring plumbing issues can be a nightmare. Seamless working of drains and pipelines is a must, and a good plumber will help you in the same. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you choose the right plumber:

1.    Choose an experienced plumber

2.    Look for the testimonials

3.    See if they are available round the clock

4.    Ask about their fees

5. Don’t miss to check if they have handled such work previously or not

With the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to find the best plumber in town who will keep plumbing issues at bay. 


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