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Former DENR Secretary Mike Defensor on Duterte and the CPP

by Homerun Nievera | Bravo Filipino |

In a Facebook post, former DENR Secretary Mike Defensor shared his thoughts on the announcement of Presumptive President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte on a plan to put four leftists on his cabinet.

Understandably, reactions on social media were quite mixed. With a nation divided by various dialects, ideologies, and religions for decades and even centuries, today’s so called millennials may have a common ground on, “why not?” for the sake of peace.

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Blackbox-in-the-Cloud company, FAME Inc., joins 1776 Challenge Cup Manila

by Kyla Camille |

FAME Inc. joined the recently concluded 1776 Challenge Cup in Manila.

Co-organized by Impact Hub Manila and YES Philippines, the event sought to get three winners of the 2-minute pitch battle to be sent to Japan for the regional round.

Though FAME’s Amelia app did not make the top three cut, their product presentation was among the most applauded.

Those who eventually won were: Horsepower.ph, Kallfly, and Nyfti.

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Three Reasons Why the ‘Tale of Two Cows’ Infographic was Successful Virally

By Kyla Camille, Negosentro.com |

In the 1940′s, a series of political jokes always began with “You have two cows…”

To explain the various types of socio-econimic systems the world currently has, Visual.ly brilliantly crafted an infographic to depict them. It has become successful and so popular that it made the rounds of social media — especially for the financially literate.

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Nievera Pushes for Solid Technopreneurship Programs for Filipino Youth

by Jim Moriones, ExecutiveChronicles.com |

Serial technopreneur and startup expert Homer Nievera wants to mentor the next Filipino Zuckerbergs and Gates.

In a radio guesting recently over DZRJ-AM Manila, Nievera emphasized the need for solid and integrated programs for the Filipino youth in terms pushing them to take up technology entrepreneurship.

Interviewed by The New Bandidos radio program anchors Pia Morato and Xavy Padilla, Nievera highlighted the fact that Filipinos are known globally not only for their role in pushing social media, but more importantly in powering tech companies especially in the U.S. where many Pinoys work as software developers in Silicon Valley. Having worked as a global executive of companies such as Friendster and Multiply, Nievera moved on to be a co-founder of U.S.-based tech enterprise Bazinga. He sold his shares in early 2014 to setup venture development firms Bootstrap Ventures and Red Bus Digital in the Philippines.

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AdU Comm Students Get an Early Start on Content Marketing

by Kyla Camille, Negosentro.com |

Content is king.

This is what content marketing guru, Homer Nievera, emphasized in his talk during Adamson University’s Comm Week recently.

He was spot on.

Today’s connected world has more than enough reason to adopt content marketing principles given the rising importance of integrated marketing communications in the digital space. The concept of a 360-degree digital marketing campaign, Nievera said, now centers on the role of content in the mix.

Nievera has brought into light the need for compelling stories that target specific niche audiences. His brief but meaty lecture on content marketing was mixed with live examples and Q&As wherein the student audience actively participated in.

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Tech Entrepreneur Nievera Keynotes Eastern Communications’ Trade Roadshow in Cavite and Laguna

by Kyla Camille, Negosentro.com |

Be techie.

Those  two words summarized the keynote talk of Homer Nievera, a serial technopreneur and co-founder/CEO of Heartshaper Asia, a content marketing solutions company based in the Philippines.

Speaking to Eastern Communications’ (ETPI’s) clientele of top executives belonging to the manufacturing, education and semiconductor companies in Cavite and Laguna, Nievera discussed the need to be constantly learning new technologies especially with the ASEAN integration that will tighten competition in various industries.

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NYC Commissioner and Actor Dingdong Dantes Takes YesPinoy to Sarangani

by Jim Moriones, via Negosentro.com |

Actor and NYC Commissioner Dingdong Dantes’ YesPinoy team ventured to Alabael, Sarangani for the second leg of Project 888 last August 8 at the Provincial Capitol Gym in the town.

More than 1,500 students from various high schools in the province converged on that Saturday afternoon to listen to inspiring talks from four of the most sought-after inpirationalists.

Sarangani Governor Steve Solon

Sarangani Governor Steve Solon

Sarangani Governor Steve Solon opened the event with an inspirational talk while emphasizing the need for young Sarangans to finish college to be able help their families and ensure success in their lives.

First up was AIESEC Philippines President, Michael Fua, whose African love chant brought the house down with laughter and cheers. His message of striving and doing your best in everything was his talk’s highlight.

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